4.3″ Handle
Apply to Zoomax 4.3″ Handheld Video Magnifiers
Zoomax 4.3″ Handle is designed for people to use Zoomax 4.3″ handheld magnifiers more conveniently and fully. Easy to be fitted and controlled, 4.3″ Handle is available now.
  • Overview

Ergonomic shape for comfortable hold

Unlike the rectangular handle, Zoomax 4.3″ Handle with ergonomic and textured design facilitates your reading and provides a good viewing angle during the use of Zoomax 4.3″ handheld video magnifier. It is well shaped for comfortable and longtime hold.

4.3″ Handle for Zoomax handheld video magnifier

Where to use 4.3″ Handle

  • Read newspaper, books or documents

  • Check the description on the bottle

  • View pictures or bus stations

  • Find the book in the library

  • Check the price tags when the shopping


4.3″ Handle for Zoomax hand held video magnifier

Fit and detach within seconds

It's very easy to fit and detach the 4.3″ Handle. Just put the upper side of Zoomax 4.3″ electronic magnifier in the case and press the other side of device to fit in the 4.3″ Handle; or detach them at the opposite direction. You can use it anywhere.

Easy to fit and detach

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